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Great service, honest and professional.  Trust Gell Motors with my Lincoln Blackwood pick up and my wife's Honda Accord.  Highly recommended! - Tony M.

"Gell Motors did an outstanding job on my car. I can tell a huge difference in how it runs. I am glad to have had the opportunity to work with them." - John

 Gell Motors has worked on my Jetta a few times now and I couldn't have been happier with the quality of their work, how quickly they completed the jobs, and how effectively they communicated throughout the process. They even offered to give me a ride to the airport when I dropped my car off, talk about good customer service. Last time I went to the dealership I had them remove my wheel locks. After waiting two hours they had missed one and had to take the car back in for another 30 minutes. Forget the dealership, if you own a VW or Audi you need to go to Gell Motors. - J.S.

I took my 05 Audi A4 to Gell motors to get a replacement key fob and a new bulb for the turn signal. All told I was expecting to pay around $250 for parts and labor. I wound up paying under $50 when they fixed my existing key (this was done after two other repair centers told me I'd need a replacement). Both repairs were done quickly and I was impressed with the staff's professionalism and attention to detail. Gell Motors will definitely be getting my business in the future. - James

Just wanted to take a moment to say thanks for the great customer service and the great technical service. I was so frustrated with the dealer prior to getting to you. I will definitely be back and recommend your company.- Susan

Name: Milt

Which product/service did you purchase?: VW Passat ignition switch repair
What did you like most about this product/service?: The whole job!!!  Very professional, competant service.
Would you recommend this product/service?: Yes
Additional Comments: Gell Motors was very good about diagnosing the issue with our Passat, made special efforts to complete the repair as quick and as cost effective as possible.  You can tell that they understand VW products very well.  Customer service, OH YEAH, they understand this concept very well!

Name: Sue
Which product/service did you purchase?: I have had several services performed by Gell Motors
What did you like most about this product/service?: The honest effort to keep the car in good running order without unnecessary expense.
Would you recommend this product/service?: Yes
Additional Comments: If Bob can fix something without replacing expensive parts in a reasonable time, he will do so.  They repaired my leaky back window on my convertible top, where the dealership would have wanted to replace the whole thing.  When my computers wouldn't communicate, Bob tracked down the problem and was able to clean corrosion off the connections instead of replacing anything. When my tires wore unevenly, he advised me how long I can go before replacing them.  He has my trust, and Meagan is a friendly and knowledgeable office manager.  What a great team they are!

Name: Janene

Which product/service did you purchase?: CEM download
What did you like most about this product/service?: The honesty and friendliness of the staff
Would you recommend this product/service?: Yes
Additional Comments: I had originally taken my car to the Volvo Dealer in Wilmington for a low beam headlight out and was told I needed to replace the CEM with a repair estimate of $1300. They were insistant that was what was wrong. I questioned this & took my 2006 Volvo S60 for a second opinion to Gell Motors and I'm so glad I did! Bob discovered that all it needed was a download and he even did it for free. He saved me a bundle of money which I didn't have. The nice lady who answers the phones even offered to give me a ride to work from Castle Hayne to Wilmington! You really don't see service and honesty like this anymore. I took several of his cards and will be passing them out. FYI..the Volvo service manager at the dealership in Wilmington has yet to call me back about why they insisted on repairs that I didn't need. So glad I googled and found Gell. 

Name: Donald A.
Which product/service did you purchase?: regular serving and repair
What did you like most about this product/service?: honesty
Additional Comments: We've been taking our Audi and MB to Gell's for over two years now.  The quality of service, workmanship, and pricing is outstanding.  I wouldn't take our cars anywhere else.  Bob and Meghan are the best

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